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Why the
Self Augmented agent?

We have a strong vision: in the ever growing world of customer experience tools, AI should not just be used to automate conversations.




Improve conversational experience through AI using the Self Augmented Agent

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To find out how AI can be used to support advisors in their conversations, Allo Media and Webhelp launched multiple workshops with advisors. These workshops gave us real- life feedback around which use cases would have the most impact and would lead to our advisors getting the most out of their daily conversations with clients.

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These lively and valuable exchanges led us to a conclusion: advisors do not need yet another tool, but rather a way of guiding them through their conversations and supporting them at the right time. Using these discreet interventions, they are therefore able to give more attention to the small details that really do make all the difference. The Self Augmented Team used the advisors’ insight as the brief to map out the critical “moments of truth” that are the key parts of the conversation between an advisor and a client.

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By this very human process the Self Augmented Agent was born: a real time solution coaching advisors and retrieving crucial information on their behalf so that they can focus on what matters: making the conversation between them and their customer smoother.

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How it works

The Self Augmented Agent automatically displays all the information needed by the advisor to conduct his conversation. Using the solution’s speech analytics capabilities, the advisor will be able to see in their existing customer support interface real-time relevant information such as:

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Dynamic sales enquiry checklist

Automatically updated as the conversation progresses: the advisor is therefore empowered to structure their strategy in a more impactful way whilst ensuring the client has all the information they need before making a decision.

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Client data recap

A real-time feed enriched with all the information provided by the client during the conversation that creates a far speedier and more accurate CRM data entry phase to everyone’s benefit.

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Sales enablement material

The retrieval of relevant and up-to-date articles from your knowledge base or website. This prevents any manual search from interfering with the conversation and ensuring any latest product enhancements can be presented without un-natural breaks in the flow of information.

The process of developing new use cases with our clients never stops so please check our page regularly to find out more!

Who is bringing this vision to life?

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ALLO MEDIA, creator of the vocal cookie, has developed a technological platform enabling the transformation of oral conversation into actionable data in real time, using its proprietary artificial intelligence engine

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WEBHELP is a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) specializing in customer experience, payment management, and sales and marketing services through voice, social and digital channels.

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    What if we were able to combine emotions, conversations, meaningful human relationships and artificial intelligence? What if we focused on making AI meaningful, providing a setting in which human emotional intelligence would thrive?

    In the world of customer experience today, AI is associated with automation of processes (RPA) and also of conversations through chatbots. People appreciate AI’s ability to reply to questions quickly, as well as the fact it never sleeps. This technology is already proven in many user cases concerning brand management and customer relations, however only 44% of consumers indicate that they are satisfied with the current use of AI in customer relationship management. 

    No matter how comprehensively it has been trained, a chatbot will never be able to cover all needs, all emotions or detect a subtle intonation such as sarcasm. Human interaction is all about little oral or visual gestures and clues, this is what make all the difference in any relationship – it is therefore impossible to ever claim we can truly replace it.

    The challenge that we have been working on is therefore not to replace the interaction between advisor and client but to enhance it. This is the clear vision that Allo Media and Webhelp shared and defined when they started collaborating.

    Artificial intelligence will never supplant emotional intelligence. Only advisors can bring that intelligence to a discussion. Artificial intelligence on the other hand can support advisors by helping them reduce the “noise” around their conversations.  The advisor has many tasks to perform while on the phone and has to master multiple tools which can distract them from truly listening to the customer and understanding what they are really saying.  However, by working as a team with AI and reducing these distractions they can now focus on what matters the most: the conversation, thereby making it even more human and qualitative.

    Using the expertise and international reach of Webhelp to define the Self Augmented Agent use cases based on the billions of transactions we manage a year for our clients we have created a perfect environment to grow and enrich the solution.

    At the heart of the project lies a shared vision around the role of artificial intelligence and customer relationship management: an AI designed by advisors for advisors; An AI nurtured by conversations to support human interactions; An AI to support clients and brands in a personal and natural manner.